Why StoryFit?

We build tools to give creative decision-makers data-driven superpowers.

We started out as a tech company working to understand how stories work and why some succeed while others don't. We build technology that analyzes source text to discover actionable insights.

And the insights we found are directly applicable to the decisions publishers and studios have to make about their products every day.

Today, trade and niche book publishers, new media, and movie studios of all sizes use StoryFit to identify business opportunities, strengthen development, and expand market reach for their investments. Our simple and secure insights and solutions jump-start acquisitions and marketing decisions like never before.

Why We Do It

Our mission is to champion great stories. Like the companies we serve, we want to see deserving stories succeed and believe data is the key to a deeper understanding of content.

Our goal is to create a new universal standard of storytelling metrics. Using NLP and machine learning, we measure the elusive and ephemeral story elements to help creatives visualize and see their stories in new ways --  minimizing their risk, and maximizing a story's potential.

How We Do It

We’re a team of storytellers and data nerds who have an insatiable curiosity and desire to see how far the limits of creativity can be pushed.

We work closely with publishers and studios to understand how a story gets to market, why the ones that don't make it are kept out, and how their audiences interact with the content they discover.

Our programs analyze thousands of commercially successful and unsuccessful manuscripts and screenplays, measuring scores of storytelling metrics to get to the bottom of what made them hits and misses. The result is customized technology that allows publishers and studios to use Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to support informed decision-making.

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