Virtual SXSW 2020 - Screen Time for 1.9 B Kids: What’s the Future?

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It's our previously planned SXSW panel reimagined into a webinar, and our idea of bringing a little bit of South-by-Southwest festivity into your home office -- think SXSW inspo without the Tito’s hangover.


It’s the Paradox of Choice: there are more children’s TV programs than ever, but kids struggle to find new content or to choose among shows that often follow generic formulas.

Media leaders Halle Stanford (President of Television, The Jim Henson Company), David Kleeman (SVP Global Trends, Dubit) and Monica Landers (CEO, StoryFit) will discuss the factors that shape kids’ TV and movie choices and whether you can measure the “formula” of that content. They will also share well-informed predictions about the future of children’s programming.

- How do kids search for new favorites in a crowded market? 
- When TV and movies look so alike, are we serving diverse kids’ needs? 
- How can we make content that resonates with today’s kids? And, how can we help kids discover it? 

Machine learning can rapidly measure, compare and contrast 100,000+ movie and TV script features. AI provides fascinating insights that can help us understand trends in attitude, characterization and representation in children’s programming, and how these traits can make content more discoverable.

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