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Creatives and Data-Scientists - Movie-Making BFFs

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By exploiting machine capacity to rapidly measure and compare 100,000+ movies and books, AI provides fascinating insights into trends that can supercharge creative decision making.  


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About the Session

On March 10th 2019, From 12:30-1:30 @ Austin Convention Center Room 12AB, StoryFit Presents: Creatives and Data Scientist - Movie Making BFFs

Creative disciplines and artificial intelligence may be antagonists but movie creatives are beginning to embrace technological innovation and its data. By exploiting machine capacity to rapidly measure and compare 100,000+ movie script features with those of other movies, AI provides fascinating insights that supercharge creative decision making. We’ll answer questions around sentiment, topic and audience, like what is the emotional valence of the characters? Is my protagonist on an emotional journey? Who is my audience? What are the comps? How does this affect the bottom-line? And ultimately, why does it matter? We’ll share compelling research from real-world examples. Prepare to be entertained by data-scientists who love movie-making while getting a preview of your next-gen gut check.