"What is Story Science and why do I need it?" The entertainment marketplace is increasingly competitive. The abundance of choices puts a bigger demand on content creators to find ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace. We're here to reduce risk and add value by infusing very smart technology in places where technology does something people can't. 

Whether you have a film, series or videogame, how can you make sure your story stands out? How can you ensure you are making the best decisions about what content to produce and how to market it? We recognize the high stakes in getting your stories told. Million-dollar decisions get made every day. Story Science is the "missing data" in your current decision-making. Find out what you need to know to increase your speed to market, reduce risk, and maximize your potential. 

Script & Audience Report

Script & Audience Intelligence

What makes this story work, and who is this story for, is a launchpad into hundred of metrics used to identify opportunity spaces. Starting at the  beginning of a story's lifecycle, or at any juncture along the way, StoryFit's data gives you the insights and understanding to make enlightened decisions. 

Visually Chart Character and Story Elements

Visually Chart Character and Story Elements

Get detailed intelligence and understand the power of your story including character strengths and weaknesses, character and story comps, tone, key themes, character relationships, pacing, predicted genre, ratings and content advisories. 

Compare Your Film Against The Genre

Compare Your Film Against the Genre

Compare your film’s DNA with others in the genre, and know your story inside and out to make more informed development and marketing decisions. See how your characters and other story elements compare to what the genre has come to expect. Get a sense of areas where you’re in line with past properties and where you’re truly breaking new ground.


StoryFit Comps

The only AI- powered comps tool using proprietary algorithms to compare more than 100,000 Movies and TV shows. Go beyond Box-office, Genre, and Cast comparisons, into previously-unreachable storytelling metrics like Plot, Intensity, Settings, Topics, Concepts, and Characters, and other matched traits that quantify the less-tangible but all-important "sellability" of your story.

StoryFit Data Solutions

StoryFit MetaData Solutions

Get robust, long-tail metadata on your upcoming New Releases. Review and optimize your entire Content Library. Evaluate risk and understand your content's relevance. Leverage great stories into new opportunities. StoryFit can provide a custom, curated data solution to work within your ecosystem.