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Watch The Webinar! Character Research for a New Age of Storytelling

Posted by Mary Brendza on May 13, 2020 2:56:24 PM

“Each writer starts differently, but the only valid way is start with character. Character IS plot. Character IS story.” --Eleanor Perry

Great characters are memorable, dimensional, and distinct. They not only move the plot and story forward but they also leave a lasting impression on both creators and audiences. Great characters teach us about ourselves, and share lessons that we can learn to create better stories. Characters are what make and keep audiences, and they are the heart of what transforms a good script into a great one. When translated to the screen, you would be hard-pressed to find a successful movie that doesn't also have dynamic characters.

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Book Expo- It's Time for Publishers to Innovate and Monetize AI and AR

Posted by Mary Brendza on Apr 30, 2020 12:43:20 PM

Last week, Book Expo held its first educational webinar, "It's Time for Publishers to Innovate and Monetize with AI and AR," 

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2017 Emmys Confirm what AI Reveals about Women on Film & TV Screens

Posted by Monica Landers on Apr 27, 2020 1:38:07 PM
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Webinar: What character-networks & audience preferences suggest about the new normal

Posted by Mary Brendza on Apr 14, 2020 11:19:35 PM


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Beyond Bechdel: How The 2019 Oscars Stack Up on Female Representation

Posted by Mary Brendza on Apr 14, 2020 10:30:16 PM

A year after the “Time’s Up” movement owned the Academy Awards, women continue to play a powerful role in the evolution of Hollywood and ts most prestigious awards ceremony.

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Major takeaways from BISG's The Future is Now: AI in Book Publishing

Posted by Mary Brendza on Apr 14, 2020 10:19:15 PM

Monica joined an esteemed panel in New York on March 5th, 2020 about artificial intelligence and how it will impact publishing.

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Case Study: The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, one a hit and one a flop.

Posted by Mary Brendza on Apr 13, 2020 10:40:38 PM

Artificial Intelligence gives studio executives predictive analytics to make data driven decisions.

In this case study, we used our AI-powered story research platform to compare and contrast key elements of the original 1999 movie, "The Mummy," a box office darling, with its 2017 sequel that didn't share the same fate.

Download The Mummy Case Study

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Explainer: Sex & Text: Breaking Down Movie Stereotypes with AI

Posted by Mary Brendza on Apr 13, 2020 10:28:06 PM

Bad boy, home wrecker, damsel: why is every hit movie and TV show home to at least one sad, sexist cliche?

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Explainer: We’ve analyzed all four A Star Is Born versions, and you'll be fascinated by what we've uncovered.

Posted by Mary Brendza on Apr 13, 2020 10:20:18 PM

We’ve completed a comprehensive analysis of the scripts from all four A Star Is Born versions in order to closely examine which elements of a movie change when it is remade and which withstand the test of time (hint: alcohol). By implementing the power of AI to compare thousands of features of these scripts, studios have the data they need to make more informed decisions about a remake’s potential before an investment is made.

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Video: Get episodic insights and capture an audience early

Posted by Mary Brendza on Apr 13, 2020 10:13:54 PM

StoryFit offers support throughout the creative development of a series. Our tools can measure a story at both the episode level and the series level to reveal important and telling elements. Watch this How It Works video to learn more about how you can get answers to questions about your episodic script.

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