Publisher Pricing

StoryFit’s pricing is designed to scale with your business and creative needs. From our comprehensive manuscript assessment to our powerful enterprise intelligence solution, we have a program that fits your publishing needs and budget.

Intelligent Keywords


Per Title

Our Intelligent Keywords balance story insight with market intelligence to deliver:

  • 5 to 10 Day Turnaround
  • Consumer-centric Keywords
  • Industry-guided Standards
  • Market Response Optimization
  • Scalable and Reliable Keywords
  • Increased Discoverability

Story Analytics


Per Title

StoryFit Content Analytics combine a micro-level assessment of each story element with the big-picture to deliver:

  • Reading Scores
  • Editorial Assessment
  • Story Emotion & Sentiment
  • Tone & Diction Effectiveness
  • Actionable audience analytics
  • Detailed Content Insights
  • Marketability Evaluations

Keyword Management

Custom Pricing

Tailored Packages — Minimum order of 50 titles

With our Enterprise Package, get ultimate control:

  • Endless Combinations of Analysis
  • Full-Catalog Metadata Updates
  • Competetive Title Evaluation
  • StoryFit Interactive Platform License
  • Custom Insight Segmentation
  • Personalized Solutions
  • Options Available for Light or Frequent users

Looking for something totally your own?

Proprietary models

Advisory services

StoryFit platform API

Custom-built program

Build a Customized Solution with a StoryFit Expert.
Build a Custom Solution

"It’s like having an extremely well-read critic at your fingertips "

Pure Technology Group

Features that work for you

StoryFit’s powerful artificial intelligence uncovers the potential of each book and supports your decision-making every step of the way. An indispensable tool for discoverability, acquisitions, marketing, and boosting profitability.

Essential Insights

Our story content insights were created to support publishers, editors, and marketers with the challenges today's market poses.

Rapid ROI

Once StoryFit Metadata is implemented, begin to see a return on your investment in hours, not months. And with intelligent updates, keywords become your secret weapon.

Magical Metadata

Intelligent metadata delivers ONIX and Amazon-ready keywords that boost discoverability and book sales. AI-driven audits adjust keywords based on sales and market trends. 

Story-Driven Marketing

AI provides information about a book's target audience and the best ways to reach them. This way, marketers can create an effective marketing strategy

Clear-Eyed Investment

Machine learning lets us read your book and immediately compare it to thousands of others to provide a truly objective assessment, helping  you evaluate a its potential and invest--or not--with peace of mind.

Fast, Reliable Turnaround

In just ten business days you'll have deep insights to your manuscript. And in our Enterprise and Custom options, the ability to directly integrate with our platform gets you in the story-insight fastlane. 

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