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StoryFit Analytics predicts market performance and delivers actionable audience analytics and content insights.


A superhero sidekick to understand your content—and its potential—instantly.

Powered by AI, StoryFit Analytics is a super-smart, incredibly well-read companion designed to help publishers and movie studios make the best decisions faster than ever before.

StoryFit Analytics has read thousands of high-performing scripts and manuscripts and identified factors that lead to sales. Now, these sci-fi capabilities are at your fingertips, ready to be applied to your content.

Our movie and publisher analytics platform provides accurate insights and reliable data, with applications in editorial, acquisition, greenlighting, marketing, and merchandising. By knowing a book or film’s market and critical potential, movie studios and publishers avoid shots in the dark.

StoryFit Analytics is artificial intelligence specially designed for publishing and film production. Our AI eliminates the guesswork and illuminates the path to success.

StoryFit Analytics has three useful modules:

Content Insights

Content Insights

Back up gut instincts with a detailed evaluation and analysis of storytelling metrics that help you give the thumbs up to stories that you believe in.

Audience Analytics

Audience Analytics

Identify your target customers, engage new markets and grow revenue armed with new market insights and messaging that connects.

Market Fit

Market Fit

Understand your content in context. Compare to the competition, your own brand, and identify potential top performers titles among your own and those yet acquired.

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Writing Evaluation
  • Audience Targeting
  • Reader Personas
  • Pre-Market Testing
  • Faceted Comps
  • Informed Marketing Intelligence

StoryFit is here for the entire process.

Our movie and publisher analytics platform delivers data to support your decisions in a consistent, dependable manner. Support complex marketing and budget considerations with simple, tangible reports you can use today. Fast-track pre-release decisions or learn from missed insights after the fact.

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Finding the one is both art and science. We’ll help you with the science part.

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Each P&L is vital to your content's profit margin. We provide data for important decisions such as cover design, title, and audience size.

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Great stories can die with poor marketing. Let us help you pre-identify new audiences and potential market paths.

Analytics modules

Content Insights

Content Insights

Deeply understand each story to make better acquisitions and marketing decisions.

Narrative Impact

A penetrating overview of the story's tone and snapshot of the emotional perception of the book. Understand instantly what kind of story you're dealing with regardless of genre, from tear-jerkers to thrilling epics and everything in between.

Story Arc

A visual representation of your story's plot, pacing, and emotional highlights with applications in editorial development and comparative analysis.

Editorial Considerations

A quick overview of grammatical strengths, weaknesses, and readability that the StoryFit algorithm has seen commercial success correlations, as well as a summary of the writing style, diction, and ending emotion.

Audience Analytics

Audience Analytics

Determine who to market your content to, how to do it, and why they’ll love it.

Audience Analytics
Audience Personas

Purchase history and demography only tell us so much. With predictive character traits and personality traits, you gain a meaningful understanding of your customers you can turn into marketing and sales magic.

Consumer Habits

Anticipate how your ideal audience spends their money. StoryFit Audience Analytics captures why your story resonates with consumers and maps those to known correlations of studied consumer habits.

Market Fit

Market Fit

Savvy market intelligence to inform your decision-making every step of the way.

Market Fit
Market Viability

Determine how ready your book is to hit the market and set goals for improvement, sales, and marketing that will help it become a smash hit.

Faceted Comps

Once StoryFit has read your text, it can tell you what the most accurate comps are to add confidence to sales notes and marketing strategy. Get overall comps, or drill down to details and vary comparable titles based on story arc, audience profile, emotion and tone.


Focus your marketing plans and audience segmentation with key reading levels, readability indexes, and insight to how consumers experience your story.

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