Winter Internship

 - REMOTE Internship opportunity at StoryFit

 - Application Deadline: Dec 2, 2020

 - Internship Period: Dec 8, 2020- Jan 19, 2020


Perfect internship for TV & movie lovers


Whether you are a future filmmaker, observer of humanity, or just interested in how stories can be measured, we encourage you to apply to the winter internship. Non-technical backgrounds are equally welcome as those interested in the nuts and bolts of machine-learning and measurement theory. 


The 2020/2021 winter internship program will focus on understanding the basic elements of stories and how those elements relate to story form, audience response, and appropriate measurement techniques. StoryFit is upgrading its story-elements toolkit this winter, and this internship program will give future filmmakers, researchers, and others hands-on experience. StoryFit's analytics products automatically read scripts and use machine-learning to infer story features based on audience data, as well as theoretical frameworks from entertainment psychology. Our goal for the winter is to measurably enhance the reliability of our current story-elements-inference algorithm by iterating on our current approach and adding in new technologies. The project offers the following experiences for accepted applicants:

  • Learn about the social-science of measuring story features through readings and guided discussion
  • Help conceptualize and evaluate web-based ratings tools StoryFit builds in house

  • Option to help execute studies, optimize our efforts via project management
  • Providing ground truth ratings of stories (data annotation) and feedback for scalable version of story-elements system

  • Extract/highlight relevant story data from our corpus of scripts
  • UX feedback on client-side story elements interface

If you’re a non-science/pure creative, do not fear! Your deep understanding and love of storytelling elements will be put to strong use. 


Send résumé and brief cover letter to (Subject line: “Winter Internship Application”) by Dec 2.

  • Please include 200-300 words in your application email (i.e., not an attachment/link) answering the following question:
  • Why do differences exist between people’s entertainment preferences? That is, why can the same story be appealing to some people and unappealing to others?
  • Make sure to provide reasons, evidence, and examples to support your response to that question.
  • This is an unpaid internship. Indicate whether you need school credit for participation. 
  • International (non-U.S.) applicants are encouraged to the remote internship program
  • Project/internship launch date: Dec 8
  • Internship ends Jan 19
  • All interested parties are encouraged to apply regardless of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

General office-software and communication skills, along with a passion for analytical thinking are a must. Bonus if you are really into stories! 


Tentative key internship dates

  • Tuesday, Dec. 8
      • Kickoff meeting and distribution of project-relevant readings
      • Distribution of story-elements annotation toolkit 
  • Tuesday, Dec. 15
      • Readings discussion, Story-elements conceptualization discussion
      • Data collection progress report
  • Wednesday, Dec. 16 - Monday, Dec. 28
      • No group meetings
      • Individual work on story elements data collection
  • Tuesday, Dec. 29
      • Data collection progress report
      • UX feedback on annotation toolkit
      • Distribution of media-psych presentation videos
      • Readings discussion
  • Tuesday, Jan. 5
      • Group Meeting
      • Readings discussion
  • Tuesday, Jan. 12
      • Group Meeting
      • Readings discussion
    Tuesday, Jan. 19

      • Group Meeting/Project Wrap-Up