Screenplay Internship

Who We Are

We're all about stories. Yes, StoryFit creates AI-driven software, but there’s nothing robotic about what we do. With our roots in publishing and branches reaching out into film, television, and emerging storytelling media, we know and love stories just like you do. We're based in Austin, Texas, and our team includes the most innovative, analytical book nerds and movie buffs in the business.

Internship Description:

Love movies and television? Want to immerse yourself in hundreds of film & TV scripts while working with cutting edge technology? If so, we have a great internship for you!

We’re looking for interns who will help deep dive into scripts with us. From checking formatting to confirming data analytics results, if you love screenplays and the art of story-telling, then you will love this opportunity. 

  • Unpaid. Available for school credit. 10 hrs/week minimum requirement. Flexible hours. Remote.
  • Local applicants are welcomed to come into the office, but not required. Non-local & international applicants are welcomed to apply as well.
  • Internship session duration (approximate): Fall (end of August/beginning of September to mid-December); Spring (beginning of January to mid May); Summer (beginning of June to mid-August).
  • You’ll work on famous scripts, such as recent Oscar winners, hits and well-known favorites. This is a great opportunity for students to gain insights into the impact of technology on the film industry, as well as to gain exposure to the art of  screenwriting.


  • Each semester has a specific project, and you will be trained for that particular project's goals.
  • Note: This is not a content editing internship. You will be analyzing the script, identifying missing data, or comparing StoryFit’s results to your own analysis
  • Interest in media/entertainment industry
  • Basic understanding of script format & screenwriting rules
  • Attention to detail
  • Good communication & responsiveness to feedback
  • Time management and adherence to project deadlines

Bonus if you have the following experience:

  • Radio-TV-Film Major/Minor 
  • Experience writing or reviewing screenplays