Understanding Your Audience: The Golden Rule of Script Analysis

script analysis

Did you know that most screenwriters are only given three months to write an entire movie script? As if that’s not enough, movie studios have to market their scripts toward a target audience too. 

Are you in the movie biz? When it comes to entertainment marketing, script analysis begins with comprehensive demographic data that’s targeted specifically to your needs. Read on to learn the golden rule of script analysis!

All About Entertainment Marketing

Ever wanted to learn all about entertainment marketing? Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to being a script consultant, every film release is a huge event, especially when you’re working on large scale films like:

  • James Bond
  • Any Disney movie
  • Marvel Universe 

Why are these movies so successful? The answer is simple. They’re able to have massive appeal to audiences around the world thanks to their investment in marketing research.

To put it simply, the filmmakers responsible for these big-budget movies are putting tons of money into finding out what the people want. And right now, many film studios are catering to the so-called YA, or young adult, audience.

Another industry secret is that “event” films are often shown at big commercial multiplex movie theaters. But here’s the catch: when they’re released at smaller, indie film theaters at a later date, these popular event movies don’t usually do too well in the box office.

On the other hand, those that are interested in foreign, indie films will have a hard time finding what they want at larger, commercial cinemas. That’s why they’re typically released in artsier, small-scale cinemas instead, aiming for a more mature audience. 

And get this. Although younger people are traditionally known for spending their free time in air-conditioned movie theaters, they’re actually turning to online streaming services for their film content now.

Meanwhile, many moviegoers interested in social history or documentary movies will go to theaters that offer hot coffee or cold drinks. 

Looking to market your film toward children? If that’s the case, you should know that they usually go to the movies with groups of other kids. Not to mention other relatives or parents. Expect these films to be shown at local theaters and sold-out by mid-morning!

Analyzing Film Audience Demographics

Here comes the fun part: analyzing film audience demographics. To be honest with you, there are a couple of different ways to split up target demographics. 

So, if you want to be like most film studios, you’re going to want to gear your script towards certain age categories like: 

  • Young kids
  • Groups of families
  • Students, couples, and teens
  • Older adults

On top of that, you can even break it down further into the audience’s stage of life and their general attitude. For example, teenagers usually prefer big movie theaters with lots of thrills, comedy, and popcorn. On the other side of the spectrum, older adults normally enjoy cinemas with bars and thought-provoking films. 

Another important element to think about is your audience’s attitude towards the movies. For instance, there are those that go on a regular basis and those that go because they have nothing better to do. Then, there are reluctant audience members who rarely attend a screening. 

And don’t forget about those who don’t want to go to the movie theaters at all. How do you get all of these people to the cinema to see your film? The short answer is, you don’t.

By focusing on a target audience, your goal as a movie studio is to get the exact group of people that you marketed toward to fill the seats in any given theater.  But wait – there’s more.

Here are a few more things to consider while you’re trying to get to know your audience:

  • Group composition, like who’s going to the movies with who (friends, family, or solo?)
  • Physical and mental energy – does your audience have the time and energy to go to the movies? Or do they prefer to stream at home?
  • Location – are you writing for a specific geographical location? Should you mention local places? 

Branding for Your Target Audience

Now that you’ve got your film audience demographics down, it’s time to talk about branding for your target audience. Let’s get this straight: there’s definitely a possibility that your studio’s branding campaign will change over time.

That’s totally normal, especially when you’re still getting to know your audience and what they prefer to see in films. However, you’ve got to have a general idea of how you want your movie presented in the first place. 

First things first, what’s the title of your film? Whatever you choose, you should try to name all of your social media accounts under the same name, including your website. That way, it’ll be beyond easy for your fans to look up your new release.

Think about this – who is actually going to enjoy your movie? Honestly, it helps to have a mental image of who you’re marketing towards too, including things like:

  • Age range
  • Level of education
  • Income level

Having trouble with graphic design? With free online designing websites, you’ll have no problem making fun and eye-catching graphics, profile pictures, and headers. 

For those who are unaware, setting up a website for your film doesn’t have to give you a headache. As a matter of fact, all you have to do is include essentials such as:

  • Film synopsis
  • List of crew members
  • List of key cast
  • High-quality film poster
  • List of movie screenings

Not only that, but you’ve got to add the following to your film website as well: 

  • Movie trailers
  • Links to press releases
  • Professional press kit
  • Insider photos of the cast
  • Festival lineups

Want to go the extra mile? Create a weekly newsletter to keep your fans updated about your movie. Can’t beat that!

Curious about publishing a book? We highly recommend that you use marketable keywords in your novel!

Online Marketing For Your Target Audience

Ready to practice social media marketing for your target audience? For starters, the success of your script depends on who it’s written for. And if your screenwriter is marketing toward a younger audience, then social media marketing is a must.

For this step, you’ve got to think about where your target audience lives. Next, set up social media accounts on at least three websites, including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Why is that? Because some prefer reading brief tweets on Twitter, while others enjoy long-form Facebook updates. That’s why it’s such a great idea to use all three major platforms to reach the largest amount of viewers.

Despite this fact, Instagram is the #1 resource for film fans, filmmakers, and film buffs to geek out online. Pro tip: get these social media accounts ready well before the launch of your film, particularly Instagram. Bonus points for posting hilarious clips from behind the scenes!

It gets better: you won’t even have to spend a dime promoting your movie on these social media platforms. But this is only the beginning of your marketing campaign. Take a look at a few key guidelines for your film-related social media posts:

  • Quality video and photo posts
  • Consistent photo and video posts
  • Community-oriented posts

Dying for more insight about your film’s screenplay? It doesn’t hurt to call in the experts if you’re feeling stumped!

Step Up Your Script Analysis Skills

Need to step up your script analysis skills? It all starts with getting to know your audience. First of all, you’ve got to understand entertainment marketing before you set your movie studio’s screenwriters to work.

Then, you have to spend a lot of time analyzing film demographics, including branding for your specific audience. Some of the most popular demographics to cater to include young kids and groups of families. Not only that, but students, couples, and teens are avid filmgoers too.

What about older adults? If this is the target audience that you’re marketing toward, then your studio’s script has to tackle serious and engaging themes. But if you’re aiming for a younger audience, then anything that has to do with fantasy, comedy, or thrills is sure to be a hit.

Identified your audience yet? Now: turning your screenplay into a hit film should be a breeze. Get ready to market it online for your target audience too, including hot platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Want to learn more about script analysis and the services that we offer? Schedule a demo today.

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