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Story Plot Breakdown: Why Do These 7 Common Movie Plots Stay Popular?

Is there such a thing as the greatest story that hasn’t ever been told? When we look at movies over time the answer is probably no. This doesn’t mean that you can’t write an amazing script that will one day be turned into a blockbuster hit. There is an old adage that says there is

The Importance of Conveying Emotion in Screenplay Writing

In 2018, Hollywood global box office revenues hit a record $41.1 billion. That’s a pretty big pie just waiting for you to come and claim your slice. Still, before you start churning out blockbusters faster than Tony Stark can say, “Give me a scotch,” you need to master the art of screenplay writing. That’s right, it’s

Film Marketing: Techniques & Technologies for the Digital Age

Hundreds of feature films are released into theaters around the world each year. Add in direct-to-video and short films produced for festivals. Now you have thousands of films being produced and release every year. Of course, there’s only so much audience to go around. A large number of people never go to film festivals, and

The Best Entertainment Marketing Trends of 2020

Entertainment is everywhere these days. People may not be going to the cinema or watching cable, but they are consuming more entertainment than ever. You can see that in the rise of streaming sites and mobile video viewership. One of the big problems entertainment producers face is getting the audience to pay attention. With so

8 Reasons to Use Screenplay Analytics

You have a story to tell, or at least you think that you do. But, before you start to bring your movie or video to life, you need to know whether there’s an audience that will appreciate your vision, themes, and characters. You’ll also want to ensure your story resonates with your audience, that they’re

Machine Learning for Movie Scripts: 7 Reasons AI Is the Future of Screenwriting

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and rapidly shifting the business landscape. AI and machine learning (ML) are right at the epicenter of this trend. In fact, they form the very cores of software engines geared toward crunching data.   The adoption is underway across industry and it fosters process automation. The entertainment and

Understanding Your Audience: The Golden Rule of Script Analysis

Did you know that most screenwriters are only given three months to write an entire movie script? As if that’s not enough, movie studios have to market their scripts toward a target audience too.  Are you in the movie biz? When it comes to entertainment marketing, script analysis begins with comprehensive demographic data that’s targeted specifically to

Did You Write a Screenplay That’s a Bonafide Crowd Pleaser?

What makes a good story? It’s a question that’s been much debated, especially in the modern era, where every company seems to be getting into the content creation game.  We like to think of writing and storytelling as a strictly creative pursuit, whipped up by some frenzied writer in the middle of the night after a