Gender Representation 2.0: Measure to Improve

6.24.20 | 1 P.M. PDT - Free Webinar

The conversation about gender inequality in films has been going on for a while. We’re no longer surprised when reports demonstrate, with hard numbers, that female characters, whether lead, supporting, or extra, have a cumulatively smaller percentage of dialogue than male characters.

But beneath those numbers, there’s a wellspring of information: details about the kinds of characters, relationships, and plots audiences really want to see in films and TV shows. The details are in the data, and the data is in the scripts themselves.

In this webinar, we will discuss what AI uncovers about gender stereotypes and success. Join industry thought leaders as they share groundbreaking research & discuss why measuring is the first step toward improvement.

disorganizied v. organizied

During this 1- hour webinar you’ll learn:

  • What emotions do women and men display in movies?
  • What are common female stereotypes, and are they measurable?
  • Why do women ask more questions in movies than their male counterparts?
  • How does female representation correlate with Box Office success?
  • How can studios use this information to make more informed decisions?