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Venture Funding Closed: Predictive AI For Publishers & Studios

New Financing to Leverage Advanced NLP Data Science, for Entertainment Marketing, Audience Segmentation, & Acquisition Decisions. AUSTIN, TX – March 13, 2019– StoryFit, a rapid-growth technology company which continues to break new ground providing predictive AI analytics for the publishing and entertainment industry today announced that it has raised $1.75 million in new funding, led

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Why stories matter–and how technology can serve them

Stories are important. They help us create our world. Now, maybe more than ever, it’s critical that we understand our stories. We use stories not only to inform our developing minds, but to make sense of the unexplainable. Whenever something bad happens, we ask “why?” We construct a story around the circumstances –identify the hero,

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How Does StoryFit Work?

  How StoryFit Works from StoryFit on Vimeo. Learn more about StoryFit technology for movies. Learn more about StoryFit technology for books.

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Webinar: Boosting Sales with Keyword Metadata

When: Wednesday, March 28 @ 10 a.m. CST / 11 a.m. EST| What: Webinar: Why Keyword Metadata is Critical to Sales | Where: Online StoryFit works with publishers of all size and has seen how impactful a robust keyword program can be. Injecting backlist titles with keywords can increase sales online for titles that haven’t sold in months. One

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How one publisher boosted engagement over 100% with StoryFit

As a small, independent book publisher, Amberjack Publishing has a similar goal as its larger counterparts: deliver great books to its target audience. With only a handful of staff members and a limited infrastructure, how does Amberjack stay competitive? They leverage AI to level the playing field. AI may be new to publishing, but it

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