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Do You Have to be a Data Scientist to Use Artificial Intelligence?

Demystifying the complexity of Artificial Intelligence Publishers and studio executives are faced with using new technologies in their day-to-day business and creative decisions to keep pace with emerging markets, trends, and audience behavior. In recent years, the fastest growing technology of them all has been Artificial Intelligence. A simple definition of AI is “intelligence exhibited

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Analog Computing Machine in the Fuel Systems Building. This is an early version of the modern computer. The device is located in the Engine Research Building at the Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory, now John H. Glenn Research Center, Cleveland Ohio. The first utterance of “artificial intelligence,” as most can tell, came in 1955 by John McCarthy at Dartmouth Conference. That same year, Carnegie  Mellon engineers Allen Newell, J.C. Shaw, and Herbert Simon demonstrated the first running AI program, Logic Theorist. By 1964, Dr. Danny Bobrow proved a computer’s ability to understand natural language and solve

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Sentiment Analysis & Book Publishing

A few weeks ago, I talked to our developers about a phrase I heard them throwing around a lot: Sentiment Analysis. Once they finished their explanation, I immediately asked them to do a write up for the blog. This is fascinating! The people must know! And…they gave me a blank stare, a kind smile and

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Digital Book World: Can Data Analysis Make Us More Human?

At DBW (Digital Book World) 2017, one idea stood out: data analysis & creative insights might be the only way to save our humanity & productivity (sort of). The 2017 DBW Conference was a jam-packed two days of thoughtful discussion. Publishing veterans and digital experts gathered to examine recent developments in technology and perspective, and

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