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How Keywords Help Readers Find Books on Amazon

  Boosting Amazon Book Sales 101: It All Starts with Keywords To sell a book on Amazon, a reader has to find it: keywords are a critical element of that search because the directly affect discovery. 1. Amazon tracks consumer keyword searches, clicks & purchases. 2. Keywords that generate click rank higher; those that equal a

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Webinar: Boosting Sales with Keyword Metadata

When: Wednesday, March 28 @ 10 a.m. CST / 11 a.m. EST| What: Webinar: Why Keyword Metadata is Critical to Sales | Where: Online StoryFit works with publishers of all size and has seen how impactful a robust keyword program can be. Injecting backlist titles with keywords can increase sales online for titles that haven’t sold in months. One

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How to Use and Read ONIX Book Files: Getting the most out of metadata

A no-nonsense handbook to navigating and getting the most out of your metadata distribution system

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How search terms affect how well–or poorly–your book sells

How the right keywords increase the discoverability and sales of your book The two main ways an audience finds a new book to read are through recommendations and keyword searches. Recommendations range from casual suggestions from friends and families all the way to sophisticated recommendation engines found on websites. These engines (software programs) generate similar

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