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How Keywords Help Readers Find Books on Amazon

  Boosting Amazon Book Sales 101: It All Starts with Keywords To sell a book on Amazon, a reader has to find it: keywords are a critical element of that search because the directly affect discovery. 1. Amazon tracks consumer keyword searches, clicks & purchases. 2. Keywords that generate click rank higher; those that equal a

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How one publisher boosted engagement over 100% with StoryFit

As a small, independent book publisher, Amberjack Publishing has a similar goal as its larger counterparts: deliver great books to its target audience. With only a handful of staff members and a limited infrastructure, how does Amberjack stay competitive? They leverage AI to level the playing field. AI may be new to publishing, but it

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Why AI is the lightbulb moment for publishers

By now everyone acknowledges the power of Big Data to inform decisions and help match consumers with products.  But only in recent years could the publishing industry access reliable, competitive sales figures to estimate a new title’s possibilities. Although many industries broadly employ data analytic tools, publishing’s use of data has mostly restricted itself to

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How search terms affect how well–or poorly–your book sells

How the right keywords increase the discoverability and sales of your book The two main ways an audience finds a new book to read are through recommendations and keyword searches. Recommendations range from casual suggestions from friends and families all the way to sophisticated recommendation engines found on websites. These engines (software programs) generate similar

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4 Ways Book Publishers Can Take Advantage Of Artificial Intelligence

For years, the stock exchanges, manufacturing, shipping, and airline industries were the talk of the town when it came to spearheading artificial intelligence (AI) systems integration. Now, that conversation has shifted to the creative industries. And yet for all the hullabaloo you hear about AI being on track to revolutionize publishing and transform the consumption

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