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How Does StoryFit Work?

  How StoryFit Works from StoryFit on Vimeo. Learn more about StoryFit technology for movies. Learn more about StoryFit technology for books.

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5 ideas production companies can steal from Netflix and Hulu

Online streaming initiated a fundamental shift in the entertainment industry. Two significant players–Netflix and Hulu–led the charge, pushing the bounds of how audiences consume entertainment and what they expect from their entertainment. Blending data analytics, ad sales, and devotion to storytelling, their innovations and practices have produced tried and true methods that producers and studios

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Do You Have to be a Data Scientist to Use Artificial Intelligence?

Demystifying the complexity of Artificial Intelligence Publishers and studio executives are faced with using new technologies in their day-to-day business and creative decisions to keep pace with emerging markets, trends, and audience behavior. In recent years, the fastest growing technology of them all has been Artificial Intelligence. A simple definition of AI is “intelligence exhibited

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Why AI is the lightbulb moment for publishers

By now everyone acknowledges the power of Big Data to inform decisions and help match consumers with products.  But only in recent years could the publishing industry access reliable, competitive sales figures to estimate a new title’s possibilities. Although many industries broadly employ data analytic tools, publishing’s use of data has mostly restricted itself to

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