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Why AI is the lightbulb moment for publishers

By now everyone acknowledges the power of Big Data to inform decisions and help match consumers with products.  But only in recent years could the publishing industry access reliable, competitive sales figures to estimate a new title’s possibilities. Although many industries broadly employ data analytic tools, publishing’s use of data has mostly restricted itself to

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The changing attitude towards AI in the workplace

StoryFit was recently covered in a Wired story about the rise of the AI-reinforced workplace. StoryFit CEO Monica Landers spoke with the tech outlet on the topic as it relates to the publishing and entertainment industries, adding another layer of depth to a conversation that’s been brewing at a steady pace. Over the past few

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How search terms affect how well–or poorly–your book sells

How the right keywords increase the discoverability and sales of your book The two main ways an audience finds a new book to read are through recommendations and keyword searches. Recommendations range from casual suggestions from friends and families all the way to sophisticated recommendation engines found on websites. These engines (software programs) generate similar

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What is AI Story Analytics?

  Storytelling is human nature StoryFit is single-mindedly focused on applying the latest AI technology to the entertainment industry. We’re passionate about the intersection of technology and media and dedicated to improving the process of storytelling. Our artificial intelligence service is specifically built to solve the most common challenges publishing and entertainment companies face in delivering the right content at the right time and to the right audience. We bring deep content and audience insight to editorial development, marketing, and sales while reducing risk, costs and delays

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LSC Communications: AI and how it’s revolutionizing the book publishing industry

Artificial intelligence could perhaps be the biggest technological breakthrough since the internet. Computers programmed to mimic human cognitive functions will complement the human workforce and result in menial, time-consuming tasks being completed more efficiently with a smaller margin of error. Austin-based technology company, Authors, Inc. created StoryFit to bring AI directly to the publishing, movie, and television industries in ways they can start using today… | READ MORE at LSC Communications

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