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How to Use and Read ONIX Book Files: Getting the most out of metadata

A no-nonsense handbook to navigating and getting the most out of your metadata distribution system

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Do You Have to be a Data Scientist to Use Artificial Intelligence?

Demystifying the complexity of Artificial Intelligence Publishers and studio executives are faced with using new technologies in their day-to-day business and creative decisions to keep pace with emerging markets, trends, and audience behavior. In recent years, the fastest growing technology of them all has been Artificial Intelligence. A simple definition of AI is “intelligence exhibited

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New AI ‘Emma Identity’ Detects Distinct Writing Styles

Earlier this year a new AI application was released to the public that is able to read text and define an author’s style. Called Emma Identity, the software combines natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning with the techniques of stylometry (the study of linguistic style). Given enough information—in this case, at least 5,000 words—Emma

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Why AI is the lightbulb moment for publishers

By now everyone acknowledges the power of Big Data to inform decisions and help match consumers with products.  But only in recent years could the publishing industry access reliable, competitive sales figures to estimate a new title’s possibilities. Although many industries broadly employ data analytic tools, publishing’s use of data has mostly restricted itself to

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The changing attitude towards AI in the workplace

StoryFit was recently covered in a Wired story about the rise of the AI-reinforced workplace. StoryFit CEO Monica Landers spoke with the tech outlet on the topic as it relates to the publishing and entertainment industries, adding another layer of depth to a conversation that’s been brewing at a steady pace. Over the past few

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