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Are women’s voices being heard in this year’s Oscar contending films? StoryFit on the Texas Public Radio

StoryFit Director of Product Mark Bessen sat down with The Texas Standard to dive into what our models revealed about representation in this year’s Oscar nominations. Host David Brown asked Mark about what stood out–or fell short–this year. Listen to the full audio: From Texas Public Radio: With more attention being paid to the representation

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New Study: Did #MeToo and #TimesUp Impact Academy Choices?

StoryFit Research – AI and the Oscars StoryFit AI technology uncovers trends in Oscar-nominated movies. AUSTIN, TEXAS — Feb., 26, 2018—Austin-based technology company StoryFit has released groundbreaking data on gender and diversity trends in Oscar-nominated movies, using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to compare 2017 and 2018 Award Nominees. Applying data science to evaluate tone, language, character personality, and individual dialogue

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How one publisher boosted engagement over 100% with StoryFit

As a small, independent book publisher, Amberjack Publishing has a similar goal as its larger counterparts: deliver great books to its target audience. With only a handful of staff members and a limited infrastructure, how does Amberjack stay competitive? They leverage AI to level the playing field. AI may be new to publishing, but it

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5 ideas production companies can steal from Netflix and Hulu

Online streaming initiated a fundamental shift in the entertainment industry. Two significant players–Netflix and Hulu–led the charge, pushing the bounds of how audiences consume entertainment and what they expect from their entertainment. Blending data analytics, ad sales, and devotion to storytelling, their innovations and practices have produced tried and true methods that producers and studios

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How to Use and Read ONIX Book Files: Getting the most out of metadata

A no-nonsense handbook to navigating and getting the most out of your metadata distribution system

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