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Why AI is the lightbulb moment for publishers

By now everyone acknowledges the power of Big Data to inform decisions and help match consumers with products.  But only in recent years could the publishing industry access reliable, competitive sales figures to estimate a new title’s possibilities. Although many industries broadly employ data analytic tools, publishing’s use of data has mostly restricted itself to

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This Year’s Emmys Confirm what AI Reveals about Women on Film and TV Screens

A deep data dive into scripts shows the status quo is tough to change. The 2017 Emmy Awards, with the most diverse gathering ever of nominees and winners (look at all those women on stage!) proves one thing: The industry still has a long way to go. But there’s progress. Nicole Kidman was the Emmy winner

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Disruptor Daily: How AI Can Invigorate Publishing

Guest Post by StoryFit CEO Monica Landers on Disruptor Daily So many books, movies, TV series, and multimedia adaptations published by so many studios, publishing houses, and individuals: there have never been so many stories to tell. The pipeline is full; inboxes are overflowing. And audiences are clamoring for … well, what are they, in fact,

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