Avoid The Multi-Million Dollar Mistake By Using Story Research

5.13.20 | 1 P.M. PDT

Success at the box office is hard; millions of dollars are spent before a film is ready for audiences, making them risky and expensive propositions. With this massive amount of uncertainty, studios are looking for risk mitigation tools earlier in the development process.

StoryFit uses AI to deliver affordable story research that identifies potential script problems pre-production, pre-audience, or pre-release. We will showcase how we pinpoint issues before you get feedback through audience research that is costly to change. 

Discover answers to typical questions like:

  • Characters: Do these characters seem too similar to each other?
  • Pacing: Do we have too many flashbacks? 
  • Structure: Is the structure too scattered? 
  • Genre: Did we select the correct genre?
  • Audience: What do you predict the audience receptivity will be?