We're all about stories.

Yes, StoryFit creates AI-driven software, but there’s nothing robotic about what we do.
With our roots in publishing and branches reaching out into film, television, and emerging storytelling media, we know and love stories just like you do. We're based in Austin, Texas, and our team includes the most innovative, analytical book nerds and movie buffs in the business.

The Women of Storyfit

From our CEO and Founder to our Director of Data Science and beyond, our team includes some of the most creative analytical minds since Charlie's Angels.
They're methodical yet adaptable, driven yet compassionate, and as far as we know, they've only ever killed a presentation. They do take cybersecurity pretty seriously though – read more about how StoryFit protects intellectual property HERE.

Product Team

Our developers geek out equally over sentiment arcs and hyperparameter tuning.
Building the most intelligent, accurate systems is priority one, but exceptional user experience is right behind. We hate calling them perfectionists, but after watching them code, test, revise, test again...they come by it honestly.

Executive Team (3)

And the Oscar for Best Leadership Team goes to...
Thematic references notwithstanding, our executive team really should win an award for deeply understanding media and publishing while simultaneously cultivating innovation to support them. Now that's talent!

If there's a conference, festival, or convention going on, chances are, StoryFit is there.
Experts from our team present at NAB Show, SXSW, Cannes Film Festival, Book Expo, BISG, and lots more, and routinely share our experience with entrepreneurs and start-up communities. Ask us about speaking engagements and consulting services HERE.

Don't get us wrong...we're not ALL business.
This is Austin, and we'd be remiss if we didn't take advantage of the live music, food trucks, scooters, and both seasons this great city has to offer. We go to lots of movies, of course, and our happy hour talk frequently slips into our streaming obsessions or the books we can't put down, but hey, it's just who we are...we love stories and we won't apologize for it.


We're always looking for talented story-lovers to join our team; see our current openings HERE.


Our Investors

Along with angels in Austin, Los Angeles, and throughout Texas.