4 ways to use Story Research to Create The Ultimate Competitive Advantage Webinar

6.16.20 | 11 A.M. PDT

In an era of data-driven entertainment companies like Netflix disrupting traditional models, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming must-have capabilities to remain competitive. 

Many studios aren't sure of the benefits or are hesitant to implement AI story research solutions because of 4 major concerns: (1.) It's challenging to find the expertise and budget required to build an accurate AI tool that supports creative instincts. (2.) Studios lack a comprehensive story library and metadata, impacting the ability to make fully informed decisions. (3.) Implementations are prohibitively lengthy, and that affects speed to market. (4.) There is not enough time as technology and research teams are already overtasked.

In this webinar, we discuss these issues and provide practical, actionable solutions to each challenge. You'll Learn:

  • How Story Research can save you time by automating routine research tasks, freeing you up you to focus on more critical tasks
  • How StoryFit enables you to leverage an extensive library of scripts and metadata, so you'll have the most comprehensive picture of the market
  • How StoryFit's affordable and accurate solution increases your time to market without breaking your budget
  • A demo of the StoryFit Story Research platform